Partnership and Insight

Systems and processes grow organically over time. When outsourcing, it is important to find a partner flexible enough to adopt your corporate culture and your way of doing business.

SENCOR’s methodology is to study our clients’ needs, wants, and goals, then define the hurdles we will face on the way to that goal. We define real and perceived constraints. We create a strategy to mitigate risk, overcome obstacles, and align the interest of people in both our companies.

SENCOR’s custom back-office services provide processes your way, in your terms, using your own systems.

We do this by revolving our core competencies around the BPO lifecycle. SENCOR learns your business thoroughly, quickly sets up and replicates all your systems offshore, performs your processes your way, looks for improvements to the process, and extends the improvements to corollary processes.

  • Legal Knowledge Process
    Legal Knowledge Process

    SENCOR's Legal Process Outsourcing capabilities span legal research and analysis, document drafting and editing, contract abstracting, case summary writing, and electronic document discovery. SENCOR combines the domain knowledge of its legal researchers and attorneys with the efficiency of automated data acquisition and management tools in order to meet the knowledge requirements of its clients in the legal industry.

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  • Research

    SENCOR Research is both an offshoot and a core component of our Content Development line. We are writers, editors, educators, attorneys, economists, and statisticians who gather and package impactful information for your general reference material, legal case research, or business plan, employing the same project management methodology and quality-focus that make our content, legal, and analytics solutions successful.

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  • Content Development
    Content Development

    SENCOR Content Development offers customized end-to-end solutions to make information available online. These solutions span the range of information acquisition via research, content enhancement, and publication in various forms of electronic media.

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