SENCOR is a knowledge process outsourcing organization with more than 25 years of experience in providing information-based solutions that have contributed to the growth of world-renowned brands in the legal, financial and publishing markets. SENCOR was awarded the 2009 Most Progressive Philippine Outsourcing Company by the Department of Trade and Industry. Its areas of expertise are Legal Process Outsourcing, Business Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence Research and Content Development and Publishing. It employs a full-time professional team of researchers, analysts, editors, attorneys and subject-matter experts in such fields as law, IT and business intelligence.
Beyond Outsourcing


The Power of Insight

SENCOR Financial Services (SFS) believes that, in the face of increasing competition, a business organization can become a top performer in its chosen market by being one-step ahead of competitors in the utilization of knowledge-based and state-of-the-art tools and applications that increase productivity, drive revenues up, and reduce costs.

The SFS’ team is composed of consultants and domain experts in IT, Business Intelligence, Marketing, Operation, and Finance with requisite academic credentials and global work experience in banking, retail and payment services.

Knowledge-Based Range of Products and Services

Card Solutions

Mobile Payments

Cloud Financial Reporting

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