SENCOR is a knowledge process outsourcing organization with more than 25 years of experience in providing information-based solutions that have contributed to the growth of world-renowned brands in the legal, financial and publishing markets. SENCOR was awarded the 2009 Most Progressive Philippine Outsourcing Company by the Department of Trade and Industry. Its areas of expertise are Legal Process Outsourcing, Business Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence Research and Content Development and Publishing. It employs a full-time professional team of researchers, analysts, editors, attorneys and subject-matter experts in such fields as law, IT and business intelligence.
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Solutions Legal Process Outsourcing

Legal Research and Analysis

SENCOR's attorneys analyze litigation and transactional forms—including contracts, articles of incorporation and bylaws, letters of credit, pleadings, motions, and even procedural checklists (such as steps in selecting a jury)—from such varied legal areas as Bankruptcy Law, Tax Law, Commercial Law, and Workers’ Compensation.

Our legal researchers continuously mine, categorize, and review hundreds of thousands of litigation documents and cases, based on highly subjective legal interpretation.

We prepare guides for lawyers in drafting legal documents for all U.S. jurisdictions. Our attorneys themselves draft these documents in a manner that both complies with existing rules and practices and advances a favorable decision for the customer.

We review filed or yet-to-be-filed litigation documents for compliance to privacy laws, including provisions dealing with the identification of minors, social security numbers, and dates of birth.

SENCOR’s attorneys help high-profile legal authors and academics publish their legal analyses in books and journals by verifying their case and statute citations for relevance and currency.

We format cases, statutes, regulatory information, and analytical law from all jurisdictions and about any practice area for online, CD-ROM, and print publication.

Our lawyers are not only proficient analysts of the content of the law but are also savvy users of different online legal research tools, such as PACER, all the jurisdictional reporters, and the different state-level jurisdictions’ Web sites.

Whether you are a corporate counsel continuously seeking the best situation for your company, an emerging firm seeking to grow your customer base, or an established practice seeking to strengthen your position, SENCOR's legal process outsourcing solutions offer the attorney analysis to meet your legal and business needs.