Solutions for the Legal Profession

Attorneys Doing Real Legal Analysis. Experienced Online Research Techniques. The Business Side of Legal Practice.

SENCOR's solutions for the legal profession feature attorneys performing real legal analysis that benefits from their strong proficiency in industry-standard online research tools. We provide legal professionals with services that help them not only in the research or content of the law, but also in the business of their legal practice.

Legal Research and Analysis

SENCOR’s attorneys analyze litigation and transactional forms—including contracts, articles of incorporation and bylaws, letters of credit, pleadings, motions, and even procedural checklists (such as steps in selecting a jury)—from such varied legal areas as Bankruptcy Law, Tax Law, Commercial Law, and Workers’ Compensation. More…

Continuing Relationship

SENCOR understands that, as a legal professional, you would like to maintain an ongoing relationship with your clients. More…

Competitive Intelligence, Client Intake, and Marketing Support

Law firms can look to SENCOR for corporate and customer intelligence that would give them a competitive advantage. More…

Whether you are a corporate counsel continuously seeking the best situation for your company, an emerging firm seeking to grow your customer base, or an established practice seeking to strengthen your position, SENCOR’s legal process outsourcing solutions offer the attorney analysis to meet your legal and business needs.