SENCOR is a knowledge process outsourcing organization with more than 25 years of experience in providing information-based solutions that have contributed to the growth of world-renowned brands in the legal, financial and publishing markets. SENCOR was awarded the 2009 Most Progressive Philippine Outsourcing Company by the Department of Trade and Industry. Its areas of expertise are Legal Process Outsourcing, Business Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence Research and Content Development and Publishing. It employs a full-time professional team of researchers, analysts, editors, attorneys and subject-matter experts in such fields as law, IT and business intelligence.
Beyond Outsourcing


End-to-End Publishing Solution

SENCOR has developed niche solutions for significant electronic data products of publishers, law firms, insurance agencies, and the real estate industry. We have worked with the world’s leading publishers of legal, general reference, scholarly, scientific, technical, and medical content to take on either their entire publication process end-to-end or just individual components of it. From acquiring the information to be published, down to finalizing the output for print, CD-ROM, or the Internet, SENCOR has always provided the skills and the technology services to make all these happen.


Content Development Process

Content Acquisition

More than simply receiving data, SENCOR’s Content Acquisition solutions involve active research and direct contact with primary information sources. It also includes developing and maintaining automated data-acquisition systems, ensuring quality, keeping up with competitors and substitutes, and mining information for new product opportunities. More...

Content Conversion

A number of SENCOR’s end-to-end BPO relationships initially begin with Content Conversion. They then eventually extend to full outsourcing of entire publishing processes, with the added benefit of higher quality content-conversion output because of an increased stake in the accuracy of your data. More...

Content Enhancement: Post-Conversion and Editorial Value-Adds

SENCOR's Content Enhancement solutions make quality content immediately available to end-consumers, even while (or before) editors add their value-added enhancements. Our editors and researchers analyze, categorize, abstract, index, and edit information for objectivity and more effective consumption by users. SENCOR’s final editing then brings together editors’ value-added enhancements and SENCOR’s post-conversion QA, to ensure the highest value content (in both substance and accuracy) before the final output stage. More...

Content Output

Aside from making information available in print, CD-ROM, or on the Web, SENCOR’s Content Output solutions involve making multiple, optimal combinations of content for different output formats and re-issues; testing the pre-published sample; and updating the publisher’s ERP systems (e.g. SAP) in real-time. More...