For over 35 years, leading organizations worldwide have trusted SENCOR to deliver legal, business intelligence, research, and content development solutions. Our customers gain tremendous value from a distinct relationship with us that involves more than the outsourcing solutions we offer. By working with us, clients benefit from our:

  • Risk management
  • Seamless transition of processes
  • Ability to maximize the potential of the relationship by spreading benefits to other areas in the customer’s organization
  • Institutional knowledge of the customer’s business
  • Innovative operations
  • Forward-looking management

What sets us apart is our deep understanding of the customer and knowledge of the market. We leverage for each customer the deep, strategic experience that we have gained in working with top global clients. Our knowledge professionals are then able to evolve with our customers and the markets that they operate in. Therefore, SENCOR offers not only FTEs but a certain experience, training, system know-how, and domain expertise in the client’s space.

With such efficient resources, SENCOR ensures that we do not just integrate processes seamlessly; we are also ready for the challenges and risks that would come our way.

High-level Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)

SENCOR provides sophisticated KPO solutions: Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO), Competitive Intelligence Research, and Content Development. SENCOR LPO has attorneys performing real legal work--analyzing cases and reviewing litigation documents and forms. SENCOR is the only Philippine provider offering BI as an outsourced service to transform data into useful and actionable information. Corporations, law firms, publishers, associations, and even academic institutions look to SENCOR Research for corporate and customer intelligence to give them a competitive advantage. SENCOR also provides end-to-end content development services for top media companies worldwide.

Strategic Relationships with Top Global Customers

SENCOR has been contributing to the growth of world-renowned brands in the legal, financial, and publishing markets for 35 years. These client reactions illustrate the depth of SENCOR’s strategic customer relationships. “We are very impressed with your service and the quality of work your teams produce…,” says the Senior Director in one of the world’s largest professional information providers. The Director for Online Product Testing in a top North American legal publisher enthuses, “SENCOR employees were able to switch to a new project and get through a lot of data very quickly. I want to commend [SENCOR’s attorneys] for quickly assessing what was needed and getting people working right away.” The Attorney in a litigation information specialist says, “These results…compare very favorably to mine. That is a good thing when much of this is subjective…Excellent job.”

Innovative Operations

SENCOR applies appropriate technology in its operations to ensure success in critical factors. A Job Unit Checker program automatically captures salient turnaround, volume, and custom processing information about incoming jobs. A Work Management and Project Tracking System then tracks job phases, time spent, and knowledge workers involved. An Auto-Get agent queues and assigns work units to available knowledge workers on the network, using first-due/first-out prioritization, difficulty-level assessment, and user-proficiency settings. Finally, at the work processing end, a slew of bespoke project-specific tools such as Web crawlers, search-engine settings, editing systems, and error trapping and correction programs ensure quality and efficiency.

Recognizing that its team members’ knowledge is its most valuable asset, SENCOR stores and grows as much of this knowledge as it can. SENCOR’s E-Specs, a repository of technical project documentation that has evolved into a wiki, attempts to extract tacit individual knowledge and share it as explicit institutional knowledge across the organization.

Forward-looking Management Strategy

SENCOR encourages clients to think of outsourcing not just to save on costs but rather to increase revenue, by improving speed to market and decreasing the risk of new product development.

SENCOR believes informatics and the enhancement of data into useful and actionable information is the way forward, hence its thrust to maintain and strengthen its highly knowledge-intensive solutions.

SENCOR plans to expand the breadth and depth of its three business areas. It intends to continue to add value by enhancing its knowledge solutions with Software as a Service (SaaS) functionality, as well as Web 2.0 and open systems benefits.